And the Winner Is…


The 2009 SavvyMom Mom Entrepreneur of the Year award program was as exciting as always this year, but as with any good competition, there can only be one winner.
Today we’re thrilled to announce that Shirley Broback of Laughing Belly Productions, the producer of the Vancouver Island Baby Show is this year’s winner. (In fact the most recent one took place last weekend so Shirley had a lot going on last week!) Shirley joins our growing list of Canada’s top mom entrepreneurs which includes the team from Mabel’s Labels and Martha Scully of

Shirley clearly had a ton of local supporters in the media and the general public who all came out to cast their vote for her. Her shows provide great opportunities for other mom entrepreneurs to showcase their wares to the public and she’s a great supporter of the mom entrepreneur movement in BC so we think that might have also had something to do with her success in garnering votes. Congratulations, Shirley!

Interestingly, and probably well against the odds, this is our second winner in as many years to hail from Vancouver Island. Do you think there’s something in the warm, damp air out there that grows successful mom entrepreneurs?


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