Are Your ‘Clean’ Clothes Truly Clean?


First comes feeding, then sleeping, then laundry. Most moms learn this list of new priorities (in order) very fast. You might even say they become obsessions. They never go away, but they become more routine after a few years.
Speaking of routines, with back-to-school time imminent, laundry is at the top of the list when it comes to shifting gears for the next term.

Here’s why:
You don’t need to rush out and buy new clothes right away. The weather is still warm, so keep the summer clothes handy, but give them a good deep clean so they look fresh and ready for the first week of school.

Those pool/beach/dock towels won’t lose that musty smell. They also need a good deep clean to wash away those tough odours so they can be folded and stored away in a nice, dry place for next year.

Don’t forget about those old stinky socks that you thought you had to throw out. Why be wasteful? They, too, deserve a good deep clean and may be resurrected again.

Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergentAnd before you store away those summer clothes this Fall, make sure they’re truly clean with Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergent. The scientists at Sun Products Corporation (the makers of Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergent) discovered a way to uncover an unknown fact—that not all ‘clean’ laundry is actually clean. With the help of fluorescent agents applied to clothing placed under UV lights, tests revealed sweat and body oils on laundry that is invisible to the naked eye.

As if creating a breakthrough detergent isn’t enough, Sunlight® just can’t stop giving—with two special offers for SavvyMom readers.

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So let Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergent help re-instill confidence in the cleanliness and freshness of Canadian laundry.

¹ Lab testing conducted across other detergents like Tide® with Acti-Lift, Purex® 2X After the Rain® and Arm & Hammer® 2X Baking Soda

About Sun Products
The Sun Products Canada Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Sun Products Corporation. Headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, Sun Products is a leading North American provider of laundry detergent, fabric softeners and other household products, with annual net sales of more than $2 billion. The Company’s portfolio of products are sold under well known brands that include all®, Snuggle®, Sun®, Wisk®, Surf®, and Sunlight®. In addition, Sun Products is the manufacturing partner for the majority of retailer brand laundry and dish products in North America. For more information visit:


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