Baby Got Brain: Baby Brain Organics


When Baby Brain Organics founder Amy Brown started thinking about the nutritional make-up of baby foods—namely strained fruits and vegetables—she was doubtful they would provide her baby with all the nutrients required. So she developed her own blend of super nutritious bits to make the baby brain and body blossom.

All those things that we adults know are good for us—protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fibre—have been distilled into a blend that can be added to baby’s delicious mush. There are two varieties available and just one tablespoon does the trick.

The BABY blend is a seed mix for children over 6 months of age, featuring sprouted flax seeds, quinoa, chia seeds and blueberries—all organic of course. And the KID blend—in which the blueberries are swapped for hemp hearts—rounds out the picky eater plate to help with brain and body development.

There are a bunch of delicious recipes online that make it easy to up the nutritional quotient in the whole family’s favourite muffins, breads and treats.

Bottom line? Even with the worst case of mommy brain, you can easily nourish your baby’s brain and development beyond pureed peas. Eureka!

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