Bagging It


All this talk of back to school or even ‘back to routines’ makes a mom want to start getting organized, even if there is still one full week left of the summer. With a few simple ways to get started on that organization, you’ll be relaxed and ready to get the most of what’s left of the summer.
For back to school, you’ll need a ‘command central’ area where all school lists, papers and permission slips are kept. Keep one Ziploc® brand Freezer Bag with the Smart Zip™ Seal for each child with the name clearly marked in a basket so you can always see what needs to be signed and returned. If it doesn’t need to go back asap, then file it or throw it out.

Store pencils, markers and crayons in clearly marked Ziploc® brand Slider Storage Bags with the Smart Zip™ Seal for each child and keep together with craft and drawing supplies (baskets or clear boxes are also recommended for this). Note that this is not a replacement for a pencil case but acts as an easy to see storage bag for home use. Children love to be able to see what colour they are looking for.

Create a ‘personal care’ pack for your child’s backpack and fill a Ziploc® brand Storage Bag with the Smart Zip™ Seal with tissues, an extra pair of socks, hand sanitizer and any other items that are important to them. You might even slip in a little note from mom in there from time to time.

Ziploc® brand Containers with the Smart Snap™ Seal can be used to help your child organize items in his desk or work space as well.

The first day of school deserves a special breakfast. How about homemade pancakes made with a Ziploc® brand Bag? Simply fill a Ziploc® brand Slider Storage Bag with the Smart Zip™ Seal with batter, cut the corner off and squeeze the batter onto a frying pan.

Now back to the summer…since the crops have been fruitful, collect as much of the summer’s bounty as you can. Frozen fruit can be delicious for morning smoothies. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries should be frozen first on a tray so they don’t stick together then they can be stored in a Ziploc® brand Freezer Bag with the Smart Zip™ Seal. Ripe bananas are also delicious frozen in smoothies but should be peeled and chopped before placed in the freezer.

Now that you have your Ziploc® brand Bags full, you can enjoy the rest of the summer even more with the Ziploc® brand Summer BBQ Contest. Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 Outdoor BBQs from Broil King® valued at $5,000. Submit a UPC code from ANY Ziploc® brand product for your chance to win a sizzlin’ prize. The contest closes September 7, 2010 so be sure to enter now while you can!

And for more tried and true tips, make sure you check out our Back to School Countdown, because as moms know, an organized mom is a happy mom.


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