Baxter may have been a big baby but he seems pretty ‘€˜normal’€™ sized now. Perhaps it has something to do with his fussier eating habits. Now we second-guess ourselves as to whether or not he’€™s eaten enough.
A couple of evenings ago, I took him to the grocery store for a quick shop. It was getting close to bedtime and he had dinner. We strolled through the aisle and Baxter wasn’€™t attempting to ‘€˜re-merchandise’€™ all the products to his preferred floor level’€”so I knew he was wiped. Then we got to the bananas.

From the time I grabbed the bananas to the time I got home, Baxter was obsessed. Amy had said that she had BB eating bananas without slicing them neatly and I suppose I never pictured what that meant. That evening I got a demonstration.

From the moment the banana was detached from its bunch it was like watching an episode of Shark Tank. Peeling appeared optional. His gorging reminded me of a frenzied prehistoric beast’€”mindless, save stuffing every morsel of banana into his wee mouth. By the end (yes, of the entire banana), Amy tried to remove the wee nib left buried in the base, but as she did so, Baxter moved on to the peel with the same fervour.

In the end we were all exhausted. Baxter looked like he just smoked an exploding fruit, and Amy and I were somewhat concerned over that fact that he ate more banana than either of us ever could have after a full dinner.

He frightens us.


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