Baxter, Meet Lyle


Lyle was with Heidi when we first met. Heidi and I became buddies through work, and later roommates. So Lyle and I became inadvertent co-tenants in a lovely refuge as I saved for some coveted Toronto real estate. Later, Heidi’€™s home was my salvation as renovations took over my life. She is a close and generous friend’€¦who doesn’€™t even read this blog.
The saying goes: You can judge a person by their pets. Heidi raised Lyle’€”an enormous black fur-ball with the personality of a Parisian lover’€”from a kitten. He’€™s chatty, well behaved, and ‘€˜affectionate’€™ is an understatement. He will roll over for two-handed rubdowns of his ample belly with little to no foreplay. Just as Lyle began entering his golden years, Heidi acquired Archie, a hyperactive and slightly bossy poodle. Lyle was not amused. Long story short, he’€™s been ours for almost two years.

Lyle sensed déja vu when Baxter somehow appeared from the bedroom one morning. Not another domineering poodle! However, this hairless creature was quite harmless, although it demanded too much attention from his adoptive parents. But Lyle’€™s a survivor. He quickly adapted to a few less brushings and nail clippings and the attention would return; he was patiently sure of it.

Lyle is also an adaptor; why not see if this wee bald beefcake can be of some use? The first close encounter went pretty smoothly. Baxter didn’€™t appear to have the subtle hand control of his dad, but affection is affection. Fistfuls of fur were not yanked, so Lyle would rub up against the Baxter parts that stuck out.

But Baxter is an evolving bald beefcake, and what was yesterday’€™s oblivious distraction is today’€™s obsession. Lyle is now on Baxter’€™s radar. The proof is in the vocal proximity relay; Baxter begins with a squeal that only Lyle can hear and then works his way down into our audible frequency. This can clear a room like a stinky fart, although Baxter appears quite pleased. So now it takes a little more nudging and coaxing to unite these two spirits. Things were going well until the vomit incident.

Lyle is not amused.


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