Beautiful Math


We call it the Mom Beauty Time Quotient.
The formula:

Time in drugstore > Time at department store beauty counters = Significantly reduced supply of great new beauty products since having kids.

Your drugstore relationship begins with the midnight desperado searches for a soother, gripe water, Tempra (anything to stop the noise). The visits continue as you grow into school supplies, sunscreen, ice packs, band-aids, insect repellent, Hallowe’en costumes, the list goes on. So, while you know the kids’ section like the back of your hand, are you as familiar with the Mommy aisle?

You might not have bought lipstick in the drugstore since high school, so take a walk down memory lane with us (that’s aisle 4, actually) where Annabelle Le Gloss will help you up your Beauty Time Quotient.

Made with the latest in pigment technology, the color is long-lasting, the feeling is weightless, it’s not at all goopy so no worry about hair sticking to your puckers as you bend over to pick up Junior (hate that), and no sickly high-school sweet smell.

We love “Breathless” in light pink and “Syrup Glaze”, a warm copper plum tone, but if you can’t decide (or don’t have time to), you won’t go wrong with Crystal Clear.

Next time you have to run into the drugstore, no matter the reason, grab some Annabelle LeGloss for yourself. For less than $8, this is one mom treat you won’t have to gloss over.

Widely available across Canada wherever you buy your toothpaste.


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