Just to Be Clear


Time for a bit of a de-brief, a review of the past month….
First, a profound thank you to our loyal readers for signing up, reading SavvyMom Today, sending in your ideas and spreading the savvy word. Your enthusiasm has been overwhelming and we truly appreciate it.

Now, since some of you have been wondering, here’s the skinny on savvy—answers to the questions of what we do, why we are doing it and how we make money.

Why did you start this?
SavvyMom was born out of a recognition that moms are time-crunched and often depend on referrals from friends to make their lives (and purchase decisions) easier. We aim to be that trusted voice for you, providing edited, curated and simplified information. We cut straight to the point and tell you what we think is the best solution for moms’ many to-do’s.

How do you decide what to write about?
We write about the things we love, and what we find to be useful as moms. All of the products and services featured on SavvyMom Today have been tried and tested by the Savvy Moms and/or our global team of Savvy Scouts. We do not receive a penny from anything we write about. Not one. That would be contrary to our strict editorial policy. In this way, we operate just like your favourite magazine or newspaper. Coverage in SavvyMom Today cannot be bought. (We will confess to a slight bias toward mom entrepreneurs though, and love to feature them whenever we can.)

So how do you make money then?
Good question. We are working on developing media partnerships (also known as advertisers) so we can continue to deliver SavvyMom Today to you. Advertisers buy banner ads and sponsored links, as well as dedicated e-mails which you will receive from time to time (always clearly marked From Our Partner).

So what’s with the subscriber deals?
We like to think that ‘membership has its privileges’ and look for ways you can benefit from subscribing to savvymom.ca. So, occasionally we arrange a subscriber discount with our featured merchants—again, no money for us in this deal.

Is SavvyMom only for moms in Toronto?
In short, no. Right now, our subscribers are primarily in Toronto, with growing clusters in other cities across Canada and the U.S. We know that Toronto is not the centre of the universe and we do endeavour to ensure that our content is widely accessible as often as possible. However, certain topics need to be addressed locally (think diaper pick up, restaurants & furnace guys) and we have every intention of rolling out to new cities across Canada within the year. If you like what we’re doing and want us to focus on your city next, please let us know and keep spreading the word there.

How is SavvyMom helping the community?
Moms are well known for their strong community support, and we are just the same. SavvyMom will donate any unused advertising space to charities that help women and families. Please contact our editorial staff and let us know about your cause—we’ll do our best to promote it.


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