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The Best Gift Ideas for Dads


The holidays have been sneaking up on us for a while but with December officially here, they cannot be ignored. While you’ve probably had your kids’ gifts figured out since August, the dads in your life can be a bit harder to shop for. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for gifts that your husband, boyfriend, father or brother or will love. Happy shopping!

Custom Cufflinks

If you’re shopping for a man who appreciates a nice watch or a good suit, custom cufflinks are a great holiday gift. Made in Toronto, Studio1098 cufflinks are available in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary options. They’re beautiful, trendy and timeless, and the personalization shows that you put in some genuine thought and effort.

Craft Beer of the Month Club

Craft beer isn’t just for hipsters (though it’s definitely also for hipsters). The Craft Beer of the Month Club will send your loved one a selection of craft beers in the mail for every month you subscribe to the program. While it’s pricey as a yearlong gift, there are options at a few lower price points. This is a great gift for any beer lover in your life!

Beard Oil

If your husband has a beard, you know how important beard oil is…either that or you’re getting your face scratched up every time you kiss. The Ad Floreo line of beard products on Etsy makes a fantastic gift – they’ve got a variety of appealing scents, attractive packaging and most importantly, they’ll keep that facial nest nice and soft all winter long.

Personalized BBQ Tools

For the man who likes to grill, high quality BBQ tools are a must. Take things up a notch with beautifully designed, custom-monogrammed cooking tools in a complementary wooden case. We like these ones from Designs the Limit on Etsy.

Tanner Lounge Pants

Sweat pants are the best, right? Men and women alike know the comfort of a good pair of soft, lazy pajama bottoms. Help your gentleman friend take his lounge wear to the next level with these luxurious Tanner lounge pants from Lusome. They’re well-made, breathable and designed to wick moisture away from the skin. You might actually want a pair for yourself.

Sony Ear Buds

These Sony Extra-Bass ear buds are great because they adjust depending on the size of your ears, have great sound quality and come with a built-in microphone to take calls when running (or just out and about). They come in several different colours and are affordable enough to act as a stocking stuffer or a gift.

Stylish Finds from Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak has some amazing gifts for men including this trendy lumberjack plaid, this Andover dress shirt, some great socks or a classic toque. There are also wallets, belts and more to choose from.

Chilling Spheres or Whiskey Rocks

For the man who enjoys a nice glass of scotch (or whiskey), there are both Chilling Balls and Whiskey Rocks to be had. These keep your drink ice-cold without diluting the beverage itself with melting ice. These are a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list!

Xbox One Gaming System

If it’s time to upgrade your gaming system, the Xbox One is a perfect choice. Your husband will be happy and your kids will be thrilled, so it’s a win-win situation! Don’t forget to grab some extra controllers and a few games to get things started.


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