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The Perfect Mom Gift: Treat Yo Self to Ste. Anne’s Spa


I had the incredibly amazing opportunity to visit Ste. Anne’s spa last week and now I can never go back.

Okay, maybe I’m being slightly dramatic.

But Ste. Anne’s really is a full experience—especially for a tired, busy, multi-tasking Mom. It’s like a land of magical unicorns and fairy dust where the sky opens up whilst angels sing, all while my husband tells me to sit back and relax ‘cause he’s taking care of the laundry this week.

Again with the dramatics.

If I’m being totally honest, it’s an investment. This is not a ‘Oh you know—I think I’ll just pop in’ kind of a decision. But, it’s absolutely an excellent way to invest in yourself, to get a break, to be pampered and to fully relax.

When I first got to the spa, for some reason I resisted the whole robe experience. I’m not quite sure why—I mean, the staff were handing me a soft, fluffy robe and telling me that it’s completely acceptable to not wear pants to the dining room.

Once I gave in to the robe and all that it represented, I discovered just how sanity-saving and peaceful this place was. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you deserve a break—you deserve it. And here’s why you shouldn’t wait until October 13 (Treat Yo Self Day) to invest in some serious me time at Ste Anne’s Spa.

It’s a special way to connect with girlfriends

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If you’ve been thinking about planning a ladies’ trip with some of your best girlfriends, this is one of the best places to be. Not only do you get the option of booking a little cottage for yourself (which are very nice!), you also get time to rest, relax, chat the day away, drink wine (if you so wish) and eat every few hours. Um… perfection. And it’s only about 1.5 hours outside of Toronto, so it’s not too far.

The treatments are ah-mazing

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From full body scrubs and wraps to facials, hot stone massages and even head massages (just take my money right now)—there are a lot of ways to relax. There’s also a Eucalyptus Steam Room, some outdoor hot tubs and a few massage chairs that *may* have changed my life a little bit. (Calf and foot massage. I’m just going to leave that there with you.)

You get to eat delicious foods all day long

Most of the spa packages include a breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon tea and a dinner with several courses in each meal. Pretty darn enjoyable. When I think of what makes up a good getaway, food is always involved. And good food, to boot. (Not all wheatgrass and in-tact grains and such).

The grounds are gorgeous

Stone brick buildings, gorgeous sunsets, a rolling countryside. It’s pretty stunning. No view is bad here, and it’s pretty easy to get swept up into the romance of it all.

It’s a gift of time

We could all use a bit of that sometimes as busy moms right? Whether you go with friends, family members or by yourself, it’s a relaxing way to take time for yourself and really, truly pat yourself on the back for all that you do.


To find out more or to book your trip, go to steannes.com or call 1-888-346-6772 for a reservation.

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