These Parenting Podcasts Are Hilariously Honest

Best Parenting Podcasts

Sometimes, what a busy mom really needs is some quality time with a friend who understands her life. You know what I mean – the type of friend who really gets it, is super supportive, doesn’t judge and can make you laugh when you’re feeling down. Someone who knows that amongst all the love and amazement of parenting there are also moments of frustration and being so damn tired. The sort of friend who says HELL YES when you joke about selling your kids because they’ve been there too and know that no matter how many times you say it, you love those tiny maniacs more than anything in the world.

Those friends are THE BEST but oftentimes, they are parents, too…which means “grabbing a coffee” can take weeks (if not months) to plan. But you know what’s always available? A Spotify podcast that brings the same relatable moments, reassurance and laughter as that awesome friend – all without the pressure of making plans or having to put on pants.

Because parents don’t have time to finish a cup of hot coffee, let alone seek out new podcasts, we’ve come up with a few expert recommendations. All of these shows are available on Spotify, so get ready to pop in your headphones and lock yourself in the bathroom – it’s podcast time!


You probably know Cat and Nat from their ultra-supportive (and always funny) Instagram posts and YouTube channel, but have you listened to their podcast? #MomTruths is everything you’d expect from these Canadian supermoms: hilarious, heartwarming and totally candid – plus, real talk on going viral, their newfound success and being working moms/entrepreneurs. And yes, a lot of episodes were filmed in their car because #momlife is real. Start with a great clip like “Everyone Has a Different Capacity” or work your way through each season to really follow their story.

What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood

Hosts Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson cover relatable, everyday parenting challenges in a conversational format that makes you feel like you’re chatting with an old friend. Featuring guest experts and plenty of banter, one of the best parts of this podcast is the hosts’ differing styles – Amy’s a “fixer” who researches everything and makes organized to-do lists while Margaret is super chill and adaptable. Opposites attract and it works.

Moms in the Middle

Melanie Ng and Evanka Osmak may look glam on television but behind the scenes, they’re busy working moms trying to keep it all together. Their weekly Moms in the Middle podcast is packed with honest takes on motherhood and family life along with practical advice for anyone who’s trying to balance, well, everything. It’s genuine and insightful, and they’ll make you laugh while showing you you’re not alone. Plus, most episodes are under half an hour – perfect for squeezing in before bed or during your morning commute.

Take It Or Leave It: Advice-ish for Parents

Meredith Masonry and Tiffany Jenkins make us laugh on Facebook, and their podcast is no different. This is what you listen to when you’re ready to sit back with a glass of wine and yell ‘YES’ out loud in solidarity. While they cover some serious and important topics, these smart, fiery moms have zero filter and a free-wheeling style that feels totally unscripted.

Dadsplaining: A Fatherhood Podcast

While there are a plethora of podcasts aimed at moms, we’d never forget about all of the great dads out there. Dadsplaining comes from two first-time dads who discuss all things fatherhood while demystifying some of the weirdest, grossest, most unexpected adventures in parenting. From dad bods and dad jokes to childproofing, car seats and caring for sick kids, Brandon and Jesse cover it all. A new episode is released every Monday morning!

The Mom Hour

They haven’t gone viral with a song parody and they’re not parenting experts or comedians, but there is something incredibly comforting about two real moms talking about mom stuff (and “non-mom stuff”) in an easy, casual, welcoming way. As hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers describe themselves: they’re not experts, they’re moms who have been there.

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