Five Birthday Party Trends You Can Expect to See in 2017

Jan Scott January 20, 2017
how to hygge a birthday party

Although it’s been a few years since I left my job as an event planner for a catering company, I still read industry insights and information as though I’ll be showing up to the office next week to plan the party of the year. From everything I’ve seen in the past few months, here’s a look at some of the party trends you can expect to witness in 2017. If you have any special occasions penciled into your calendar for this year, grab a pen and take note. I like a lot of these ideas a lot!

Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief, because it looks like we finally might be simplifying our parties a little. After years of Pinterest perfect celebrations, I think we’re going to see some scaling back. This will be the overarching theme of the year, and instead of setting out to impress our guests there will be more of a focus on nurturing them. (How very hygge.)

Penguin Cupcakes

Unique Themes
Instead of character-inspired birthday party themes, you might be able to expect your kid to ask you for a more unique celebration this year.ย Like a penguin-themed party. Or a Japanese tea party. Or a circle-themed party (for toddlers). One-of-a-kind party experiences are going to be more popular than in the past, and will allow kids to throw a party that’s more representative of them, rather than just the shows or movies they like.

Statement Balloons
Instead of ordering a balloon bouquet, or filling a room with tons of balloons, this year there will be a focus on statement balloons. I’m THRILLED to see this, as it’s how I’ve always approached decorating for my kids’ birthdays. I’m particularly fond of the oversized gold number balloons, which I tie to a chair with one or two other balloons that match the party theme’s colours, if there are any.

Statement Backdrops
Along the same lines as the balloons, this year we’ll see more statement backdrops. Instead of decorating an entire party space, there will be more of a focus on sprucing up a small area. These ideas for decorating with paper plates are inspiring. Again, keeping this simple will actually keep you on trend!

statement birthday party backdrop

Food and Drink Pairings
For the adults, food and drink pairings are going to remain popular. For example, serve mini tacos with margaritas and burgers with craft beer. Speaking of which, craft beer is going to be at the top of the trendy drinks list again this year.

food and drinks pairings for parties

Cheers! Here’s to a wonderful year full of simple celebrations.

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