How to Host an Old-Fashioned Picnic Party

Jan Scott August 19, 2020
Picnic Party

As long as the warm weather is sticking around for a while, the great outdoors is a great place to be. If your kids have birthdays coming up, planning an old-fashioned picnic party is a good way to celebrate. Picnics are ideal for warm weather entertaining because they take out the stress and leave only the fun behind. They are fuss-free compared to hosting a traditional party, it’s easy to keep your distance, and everyone stays outside. Plus, they work just as well for adults as they do for children.

Assuming you’re thinking of planning a picnic party for your little one this season, here is a complete primer on how to execute this simple outdoor party.

The Basics:

Because Mother Earth is the host of this party, we should be kind to her and keep her space free from litter. Try to prep so that you’ll leave as little litter behind. Mason jars come in extra handy when planning a picnic and can be used in dozens of ways, so be sure to include some in your picnic basket.

The Menu:

Simple is best when it comes to picnic food, and you can either make the menu items yourself or pick them up from your local grocery store or market. For a homemade picnic you can’t do any better than a cold-pressed Italian sandwich, a make-ahead nibble packed full of delectable deli meats and favourite cheeses. To it, consider adding our picnic potato salad, fruit salad served in waffle cones, blackberry crumb bars, and watermelon lemonade. Speaking of watermelons, you can’t do any better than this themed birthday cake, which comes with a few ants to keep the kids company.

The Decorations:

Do not feel compelled to go overboard here. Your backyard or neighbourhood park provides the perfect backdrop for your party, and as a nod to the old-fashioned aspect of this party, keeping everything simple is probably best. Feel free to cover picnic tables with red and white checked tablecloths and tie some balloons and tissue paper pompoms to any trees in the area. A few blankets scattered on the ground and picnic baskets (which can hold birthday presents) set out around the space will easily complete the look.

Games and Activities:

Pillow sack races are perfect for this type of party. If you’re feeling a little more creative, you can also add a game of backyard Jenga or a few of our favourite classic outdoor games, which are guaranteed to produce a lot of fun and laughter. For an extra fun surprise, hang a pinata from a tree branch, and let the kids bash it with some sticks.

Prizes and/or Party Favours:

Items like boxes of Cracker Jacks, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water balloons and a set of Jacks are inexpensive, seasonal and suit the party theme well. Anything simple and useful for summer fun is ideal and will be well appreciated.


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