By Hook and By Cook


Hickory dickory dockJack began to squawk
He wanted to cook
So where do you look?
To CookeryDoo—around the block!

Well, it’s around the block if you live in the west end of the city, but even if you don’t, it’s well worth the drive to CookeryDoo to get the kids cooking.

And we mean really cooking. CookeryDoo is a brand new concept in children’s cooking and crafting developed by mom-of-two-small boys, Stephanie Phillips, to expose those budding gourmets and little chefs of yours to the wonders of the kitchen.

The bright, clean nut-free space is all set up for little chefs—even the aprons and rolling pins come in junior sizes—to get some hands-on (really hands-on, like right into the bowl of dough as we did with our little two-year-old SavvyScout) experience with cooking.


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