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Tough job, being ‘Santa Supermom’, but someone’s got to do it.
It’s a lot of pressure and Tickle Me Elmo just isn’t going to cut it in 2006. So climb that learning curve with the help of the Mastermind Toys Gift Guide.

No need to spend hours schlepping up and down the aisles of crowded toy stores trying to make the right decision—Mastermind has done the work for you already. The guide is filled with fun, age-appropriate, educational and WRAPPED gifts for you to buy online or take home from one of their handy locations. We’ll say it again in case you weren’t listening—Free Wrapping for any online or in-store purchase!

Mastermind is known for its classic educational toys—Lego, Thomas the Train, Crayola, etc. We have had a sneak preview of the guide and found some new faves to pique your interest.

  1. Tropical Isle Playmat
    An island paradise right in your living room! Seventeen activities and endless configurations—baby will never be bored.
  2. My First Zamboni RC
    Easy to use, two-button remote control. Perfect for little hands. (Ages 2+)
  3. My Art Storage Case
    A portable keepsake gallery for all your valuable masterpieces.
  4. Star Theatre II
    Turn a darkened room into the night sky! An audio CD guides you through 360 degree projections of stars and constellations.
  5. ruk-shuk
    A phenomenal game for the whole family! Individual players or teams race against the clock to build their own inukshuk.

Wait—we’re not through! It actually gets better! Mastermind is offering free gift cards that grow as you shop. Collect money when you buy gifts in the stores or on line.

View the complete Gift Guide at to shop on line.


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