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Blur: the state in which new moms and dads pass the first several weeks following the birth of a child.
Blurry: how photos of said child look when taken by overtired parents or overexcited grandparents.

We’ve found a solution to sharpen your focus and it’s a snap. Literally. Sugar Pea Creative is a new, Ottawa-based service designed to step in and handle all your photo needs from newborn on up.

Mom entrepreneur Danielle Whalen loved the ease of having a midwife come to her in the blurry early days of daughter Grace’s life. Now she wants to offer other new moms the same in-home convenience. Danielle thinks no sleep-deprived parent should ever have to undertake the familiar snowsuit/car seat/parking lot shuffle just to visit a commercial photo studio.

We agree. And now savvy moms in Ottawa don’t have to.

Sugar Pea’s creativity takes place in your home, with your own stuff around you. Toddler meltdown? Just grab Teddy. Spit-up emergency? No sweat—a clean sleeper’s right in the drawer (and if it isn’t, that’s not Danielle’s fault).

A photo shoot takes about an hour, and the best part is you get to keep the shots after for your own use. No reprint charges or delays. If your creativity is at a low ebb, Sugar Pea will take it a step farther and turn your favourite photos into birth announcements, holiday cards, baptismal invitations or even a customized DVD complete with background music.

The other creative force behind Sugar Pea, Grace’s SavvyDad, is a real-life graphic designer so all the products look cutting-edge great.

Wish your friends in other cities could take advantage of this great service? They can—anybody, anywhere can send in a photo and Sugar Pea will send back a set of beautiful birth announcements, with funky-coloured custom-made envelopes, in as little as one week.

Imagine crossing holiday cards off your to-do list without a snowsuit or shopping mall in sight—now that’s what we call a savvy start to the season.

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Tell them you are a SavvyMom and receive 15% off any announcement or invitation order with Sugar Pea Creative. Offer expires January 31, 2007.

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