It’s All About You


Us…self absorbed? Sure, we rant on and on about our editorial policy, our favourite places to go, our fave things for moms and kids…. It’s all part of the job.
But we do know that it’s our readers who are the real SavvyMoms. You are always sending us information, great ideas, responses to our questions and nice feedback too.

So we are mixing it up a bit today to tell you about the real SavvyMoms—our loyal readers—with a little bit of what you shared with us in our September reader survey:

  • You live all across Canada, from North Vancouver to North York to North Bay (and even North Battleford)
  • You care about the food your family eats. Almost 80% of you buy at least some organic food for your family and 14% of you buy exclusively organic. Lots of you want to know more about organic food and how to make the right choices. (We’re working on it!)
  • You sleep (on average) only 5.6 hours a night
  • You are slightly obsessed with the above fact
  • You prefer to read about family recipes and places to go with your family than about beauty tips (and you never thought that would happen to you)
  • You’re online one to two hours a day, 76% of you are online shoppers and most of you check your email late at night when the family is tucked up in bed
  • You buy Annabelle LeGloss lipgloss and Method home cleaning products (and if you don’t, you should)
  • On average, you have 1.6 kids (and to those of you with four or five, we salute you)
  • You think we’re funny (thanks, ‘cause our kids are sick of us already and we need a new audience)
  • Your favourite articles so far have been So Simple, Sun Safety, the Summer Reading Guide, Joe Fresh, Smilebox and Slow Roasted Tomatoes. (You’re very well-rounded)
  • What you want the most in life: more time. Time for yourself and time for your family (maybe time to finally get to those books you like to read about)

We hope SavvyMom is helping you find just a little more time by providing you with quick solutions for your daily dilemmas. Don’t be shy to tell us how we can help more. We love to hear from you.


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