Great Pizza & Awesome Atmosphere at Double Zero in Chinook Centre

Double Zero

Sometimes schlepping our kids through the mall while we have to run errands can’t be avoided. But one of the nice thing about malls is that they often have some good food options. Next time you find yourself at Chinook Centre, give yourself a little break and reward the kids (and yourself) with dinner at Double Zero.

The two-level upscale pizza joint is light and airy, with a great atmosphere that appeals equally to girlfriends hanging out for a kid-free night as well as families. The menu has lots of of pizzas, pastas, hearty salads and too many tempting desserts to choose from.

The fresh pizzas are thin crusted and authentic Italian. We love how the dough is made with doppio zero or ’00 flour’, which is lower in gluten than your regular Canadian wheat flour (and makes us less bloated). Picky eaters won’t find it hard to scarf down the Polynesian, a ham and pineapple concoction, while grown-ups can get fancy with their pie toppings like truffle oil, chicken confit or a runny egg.

It basically comes down to this… you get to check an errand off your list and you all get to eat pizza, too. Everyone’s happy.

And if cooking dinner just isn’t part of your game plan tonight, we’ve got 17 more Family-Friendly Dining Spots in Calgary.

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