Centennial Celebration


It’€™s stampede season. And while we’€™re proud as a peacock about the 100 year-old event that defines our city internationally, we also have to carry on with our family routine. Only a certain amount of boot kickin’€™ and yee-hawing at the Calgary Stampede can derail us from our 8 o’€™clock bedtime goal. Here’€™s how we stampede:
The traditional kick-off parade is fun for kids who are a little bit older (say five plus). While it fits into our free category, it does require an early morning (aren’€™t you up anyway?) to find good seats’€”and remember to hold a spot close to a bathroom, especially for those that have to go…right now.

We also do the pancake breakfast. Consider downloading the free Flapjack Finder app. You can find the date, time and location’€”as well as extras like entertainment and kid-stuff’€”of each breakfast by using the app.

The farm animals are a big draw and your kids can get up close and personal with the animals in the Agriculture Centennial Celebration Zone.

And book a babysitter for a night out. With so many performances and parties in town, celebrating adult-style is a better way to get your rodeo on at this stampede.

Tested by Heather J., Calgary


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