Perfect Splash Pads in Canmore Park


When it comes to kids and water, splashing is a given, but pools aren’€™t always the perfect place for little ones who are too small to swim.

That’€™s why we love splash pads’€”they’€™re a fun place to get wet without the worry (or the cost). Calgary has plenty of awesome pads to choose from, and the latest is in Canmore Park.

Located in the Northwest, Canmore Park is a cute spot with lots of street parking and a great combination of grassy areas and pockets of forest. We like that it’€™s gated’€”that makes it ideal for toddlers. The butterfly-themed pad includes a couple of towers, a few arches and lots of light spray. The area is small enough and completely open, visually, so you don’€™t have to worry about constantly chasing your kids around. The change rooms are directly attached, and there is always a first-aid-trained attendant on duty, who also monitors the quality of the water.

Good to Know: The pad is open from 9 am to 9 pm.

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