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Riding the Rails

SavvyMom April 21, 2017

Feel like you already live in the Wild West? Make it official and get on board with a new family excursion this summer—old west style.

Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions not only gives you and the kids the chance to travel across the prairies on a steam train, but the six hour round trip includes a meal, entertainment and stop halfway through. Young buckaroos itching for a little excitement will love the railway robbery, but be sure to have some change on hand for the kids to give the robbers (note that all change taken is given to children’s charities). The Teddy Bear specials are perfect for young ones who aren’t quite ready to watch a gunfight in action.

Before you book, watch the online video to choose the best option for your family. (Good to know: the murder mystery option is a great one if you’re looking for a date night that’s a little different.) Reservations are definitely recommended—full descriptions of each ride are on the website.

Adventrue is calling. We’ve got 7 more Awesome Places to Take the Kids in Calgary This Summer.


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