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What’€™s fancy, foreign, and filled with fun for the kids’€™ rooms? These great new stores in our ever-growing city.
Here is a selection of our favourites:

Trendy Kensington has no shortage of cool shops and Cherry Four Junior Home (between Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut and Crave Cookies and Cupcakes) fits in perfectly.

If you’€™re looking to decorate a nursery or a kid’s bedroom, then this is the place for you. You’€™ll find materials for duvet covers, sheets, pillows of all sizes and even window coverings. The fabrics are soft to touch, beautiful to behold for both girls and boys, and bound to last as the kids grow up. We love browsing the gifts like funky diaper bags and practical, but cool melamine plates.

Good news for fans of posh Italian nosh’€”Mercato has opened a second location at West Springs on 85th St SW, with both the market store and restaurant. The market is very smart, with polished floors and gleaming stainless fridges stocked with Italian produce and homemade fresh pasta. If a sit-down meal in the restaurant isn’€™t in the cards, take home some meatballs and foccacia for a quick (and delicious) family-friendly dinner.

Not to be outdone by the Italians, a new French bakery, La Boulangerie has opened. It’€™s a francophile foodie’€™s heaven. Open early for breakfast (we can’€™t resist the almond croissants while they are still warm), so you can sit and relax while being waited on by friendly staff. The tarts, savoury pastries and crepes make this an ideal place to meet up with your BFF.

Calgary has come a long way, baby. Tested by Fiona H., Calgary


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