The List: 10 Ways to Get Ds


D is definitely the new ‘B’ these days.
Not to say that vitamin B isn’t important, but recently, the word on the street is all about vitamin D and why many of us need more of it.

Health Canada recommends everyone receive 400 IU (international units) daily, while the Canadian Cancer Society recommends that light-skin Canadians should obtain 1000 IU per day during fall and winter, and dark-skin Canadians should obtain 1000 IU per day year-round.

Only a few natural sources of vitamin D exist, but we’ve rounded them up in The List: 10 Ways to Get Ds in your life. Here are our top two:

Egg YolkThe Yolk’s not a Joke
It’s the egg yolk that provides all the power, and although cholesterol concerns should be noted and eggs should not be consumed at every sitting, an egg yolk can provide close to 10% of an adult’s recommended daily intake of D. Eggs are also great for cracking through the daily recommended levels for vitamin B12, and protein.

Get OutsideGet Outside
We’re adamant about sunscreen in the summer, but in the winter months when outdoor time isn’t as easy, experts recommend we delay putting on the screen for at least 15 to 20 minutes so kids can soak up as much vitamin D3 as possible. And to put a common myth to rest: no they can’t get the benefits of sun through a window (or via the rays of their DS either, just in case that comes up).

There’s 8 more—be sure to check them all out in The List: 10 Ways to Get Ds.

It’s not that hard to get down with D. You’ll C.


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