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Mowing the lawn is a lot like driving a car. Neither are eco-friendly but both are pretty much must-dos for Calgary families. After all, your kids need to get to school and caring for your lawn is the law in Calgary (well, bylaw anyway).

So, what to do? Many families can green up their lawn care by hand…literally. Did you know that running a gas-powered mower for one hour emits as much pollution as driving a car for 500 kilometers? So replace that old gas mower with a push mower and leave the clippings behind. Lee Valley sells a quality mower starting at $105.

Spread compost rather than fertilizer or opt to dig out weeds rather than spray harmful chemicals. Environmentally sensitive products are widely available at nurseries such as Bow Point Nursery in Springbank.

The upside of this solution is obvious. Healthier garden equals healthier family, and no more worries about the kids doing cartwheels on the grass. Do-it-yourself works particularly well if you have a house full of teenagers to do the physical labor. If not and time is short, you may want to call in the pros.

Traditionally, lawn care companies use fertilizer, gas-powered mowers and throw clippings into the landfill. However, we’ve discovered companies that offer lawn and garden services that are much more eco-friendly. Eco-yards, run by Laureen Rama, advocates minimizing the grass in your yard and replacing it with native plants in mulched beds. Eco-yards can help you plan and execute the garden of your dreams. Another green strategy recommended by Eco-yards is to overseed your grass with hardier varieties such as Sheep Fescue that require almost no water and limited mowing. Eco-yards will enrich the soil by spreading compost and spraying compost tea.

Pixie Gardens is less about lawn and more about beds. Journeyman Landscape Gardener Bobbie Beddoes brings her primarily all-female crews to your home to plant, weed or consult. They are constantly testing new eco methods. Ask them about their onsite composting program in development with Clean Calgary.

Why work against nature? Building an eco yard creates a healthy environment for plants, trees and people, not to mention your pocket book. And your lawn and garden are now safe for the kids and your pets so soccer balls can be kicked around and human pyramids can be built on your chemical-free lawn.

Have fun in the sprinkler.

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