Get Your Game On

There are many different kinds of moms out there but we all share a few things in common. First is the unconditional love we have for our children, followed closely by our love of comfortable leisure wear. Gone are the days when moms were frowned upon for wearing sweat pants. Ever since designers embraced spandex and yoga emerged as an aerobic sport, running around in designer sportswear became more than fashionable, it became a mom-uniform.
So if you’re looking for a new uniform, we have just the place. It’s called Ace Boutique and while the line has been available (somewhat exclusively, we’ll admit) for almost a year now, they have just opened their doors for the rest of us near Mount Pleasant and Davisville at 320 Millwood Road.

The cool white interior of the sparkling new shop houses the complete collection of Ace Golf, ACE *TEC Leisure apparel, and the ACE Diva and Ace classic tennis lines. In other words, they sell tennis, golf and yogawear.

Why do we like Ace so much? The clothes are made in Canada (material and all) and they use a material called supplex which is anti-bacterial and has a unique two way breathing system. It also hold its shape wash after wash. (We only wish we could say the same about ourselves.) And it isn’t just appropriate for the gym, the courts or the course. If you have to run around and do a few errands, you’ll look like an ace in Ace (we’re not suggesting you wear it to your next cocktail party, of course). They fit to flatter, not bulge, and that makes a big difference when it comes to running around in tight pants and tops.


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