Bamboo Bambini


When was the last time you got lucky?
Bet you didn’t know that you can improve your luck by bringing a little bamboo into your life. A stalk of Lucky Bamboo is easy to grow and will assist you in Feng Shui-ing your home: three stalks for happiness, five for wealth or six for health.

Northern prairie dwellers will likely only see live bamboo indoors. However, the processed version is becoming available in a wide variety of products. The most common are bamboo building materials (flooring) and bamboo kitchen accessories (cutting boards).

Bamboo can be grown without fertilizers or pesticide, is easily harvested and quickly renewable. And bamboo can be broken down even further to make fabric. To the touch it feels like a cross between cotton and silk but like cotton, it’s light and breathable.

Shanghai Girl, located in trendy Inglewood, sells bamboo clothing for babes and grown ups. The store is purposefully filled with “Made in China” merchandise that is ethically made (read: no sweat-shop factories). Owner and mom Sandi Janusch conceived the idea for the store after spending years living in Shanghai.

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