A Rad Pad


Read the words ‘environment’ and ‘cycle’, and what springs to mind? Probably things like bike lanes on the Burrard Street Bridge. But this week’s topic is about a different kind of natural cycle.
Being the SavvyMoms we are, we are all too well acquainted with our hormones and the pleasures of ‘that time of the month’. From cramps to clean-up, it seems the joys of motherhood never end. Alas, today we’re here to tell you about this particular cloud’s silver lining—and yes, we’re talking panty lining.

Vancouver fashion designer Madeleine Shaw wanted an option to disposable tampons and pads—products she didn’t think were created with a woman’s best health in mind. So she designed a fully washable, flannel and nylon-lined pad, and Lunapads was born. Since that day more than 10 years ago, she has partnered up with company co-owner Suzanne Siemens, started a family (they are now both mom entrepreneurs), and expanded their product line to appeal to women of all tastes and sizes. Ever hankered after a thong panty with a sewn-in liner? Look no further.


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