Mom’s The Word Part II


Well, we definitely know who our go-to-girls for advice are now.

You savvy moms sent in hundreds of submissions to our request for mom advice and we had a very hard time choosing! But choose we had to (because we only had 10 great DVD prizes to share with you, and congratulations to those of you selected btw). Today we’re pleased to present more great mom advice—your collective wisdom, one could say—from our savvy readers.

More On Mittens
Buy two or three of the same pair of mittens. That way you are never searching for the matching one to make a pair.
Lorraine Lower, Calgary, AB

On Control (or Lack Thereof)
The sooner you get used to the idea that being in control is an illusion once you are a mother, the happier everyone will be.
Jennifer Scott, Toronto, ON

On Backpack Storage Solutions
Use two empty chip tubes in kid’s backpacks—one to store artwork and notes from school and the other in which to keep extra socks and gloves so there is always a dry pair ready. Decorate the tubes as a craft activity. Great way to recycle those plastic chip tubes.
Cathy Cramer, Morden, MB

On the Joy of Motherhood/On Your Influential Role
Little things have big meanings so smile often.
Jody Monteiro, Vancouver, BC


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