Calgary: The Savvy Guide to April

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

We all get a little overzealous about the spring this time of year, and it’s no wonder after the deep freeze we persevere through (with such grace) all winter. We are also reminded of our Planet Earth this month as we begin to see its fruits again. (Remember flowers?) But let’s not forget our friend mud either—trekked through the house with love from our children and pets.
Fear not—April is a time of renewal and it will be stellar. Follow these tips and it will be even better.

Some fresh spring flowers (they don’t have to be big or expensive) and put them in the hallway or kitchen or on your desk.
Why? They will cheer up the entire room and the people inside it.

To Aggie Days on the Calgary Stampede grounds from April 4–5.
Why? Sheep shearing, cow milking and wagon rides are three of the hands on activities your city slicker children will love. Also, learn about locally produced foods and where to find them. Arrive early and enjoy a free breakfast. (Admission is $5 for adults and free for kids under 12.)

Some inventory—sort through the kids’ clothes, your clothes and spring supplies for the house and garden.
Why? Because then you can relax and enjoy the nice weather since you are prepared for spring (and your closets might look a bit more organized too).

An egg toss game—just make sure you play outside. Choose teams of two and have each player line up in a row facing each other. Teammates throw the eggs across at each other gently and are out as soon as the egg drops or gets shattered.
Why? It’s egg season and kids love playing this with their parents on the same team. Note: you can find a great egg and spoon toy game if you are looking for ways to play inside without the mess!

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