Calgary: The Savvy Guide to April

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

This month, we’re thinking green, even if there’s still white stuff in most parts of our home and native land.
Since it’s officially spring though, we plan to embrace it in all its glory. So get on your gardening gloves and get ready for Earth Day, Easter, daffodils and ditching your winter boots. Here are some fun (and earthy) ideas on how to get the most out of April.

Go green with your make-up and body care products this spring
Why? Because we discovered that Saffron Rouge is a great place to buy lead-free lipstick without getting off the couch.

Take Organic Veggie Gardening for Beginners on April 19
Why? Knowledge is power (renewable and sustainable of course). Green Calgary’s Healthy Homes Sustainability Series offers Calgarians a cheap ($10 per person), easy way to pick up a few eco-practices just in time for Earth Day.

Some new clothes for the kids from Peekaboo Beans, now available online
Why? Because the new spring collection, Roots & Wings, invites your children to plant their roots under the sun and spread their wings in wonder, while ensuring kids are comfortable while they play.

A Litter Scavenger Hunt
Why? Spending a day outside is always a great activity for spring, but this adds a little ‘green’ twist. Pair kids up with a friend or adult, give them each some rubber gloves and send them out to fill up a bag with litter. You can do this in a park, schoolyard, or your own backyard. Compare bags when you get home to see who has collected the most. Ultimately, it’s the planet who wins.

E Is for Environment, by Ian James Corlett
Why? Because it’s Earth Day month. This sweet book is filled with great ideas on how kids can help the environment—and told in story format, making it a fun read, too. We’re giving away five copies of this great book—just share an environmental tip you use with your kids on our blog to enter.

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