Coffee Connoisseurs


Meeting for coffee is a mom ritual. ‘Nuff said.
So up the ante with a visit to one of Calgary’s local cream-of-the-crop coffee houses to sample delicious brew in art-house surroundings.

The Metrosexual
Kawa Espresso Bar
Located on 8th Street SW, Kawa’s upscale contemporary interior compliments their delicious espresso. Visit this shop mid-week in your urban-woman wear with laptop in hand to blend into the fashionable surroundings. 49th Parallel beans are brewed at this shop as well.

The Fashionistas
deVille Luxury Coffee and Pastries
With shops in both Art and Fashion Central, deVille is a chi-chi joint with high-end coffee, produced from Intelligentsia beans (direct trade with farmers), and served in a designer space with fancy treats from local restaurants. Visit the Art Central location the first Thursday of every month and take in displays from local artists.

The Industrialists
Caffe Rosso
Although this coffee house has a location downtown as well, we highly recommend a trek into the backwoods of Ramsay. Literally a gem in rough, industrial surroundings, Caffe Rosso has a perfect blend of down-home service, metal-edged decorating and espresso worth the GPS search. Oh, and their paninis are delish, too.


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