The ‘It’ List


In between all the day-to-day detail of writing articles and managing client campaigns and testing out the latest and greatest stuff for moms and families, there’s the occasional super-exciting event that lets us all get up from our desks and celebrate here at SavvyMom HQ. The latest event of this nature was our recent naming, once again, to the 2010 Progressive Employers of Canada List, which recognizes mom-friendly employers across Canada. We’re honoured to join such incredible companies like Kraft Canada, Mabel’s Labels and Telus this year.
When Minnow and I started out on this adventure we call SavvyMom Media, we actually didn’t anticipate needing more employees than just the two of us, but things changed and the business grew and now we’re so proud to have created so many jobs for our exceptional team and a supportive working environment for them as well. Companies on the Progressive Employers List offer special arrangements and benefits to their employees such as personal/life balance coaching, access to emergency childcare, flex-time job cooperatives/job sharing, part-time or contract positions, gradual re-entry after maternity leave, concierge services, lactation rooms, on-site daycare and more.

Here is the complete list and profiles highlighting each company’s progressive work environment.

The Progressive Employers of Canada List is an initiative of Connect Moms, Lisa Martin International and momcafé, and is a great program which helps companies and women share ideas on how to make sustainable change in the workplace.

Does your employer deserve to be on this list? The nomination process for the 2011 Progressive Employers of Canada List will open January 2011…so stay tuned for details.


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