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SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Here kitty, kitty, kitty and kitty. Listen up because 4Cats Arts Studio is the spot to go for art classes, projects and parties.
Wondering what cats have to do with art? And who are the four cats anyway? The answer is simple but we had to travel back in time to ask Pablo Picasso himself. Turns out he used to frequent the 4Cats Café in Spain to talk about art. A century later, he inspired 4Cats curators across North America to provide a space to learn about art (and famous artists) for kids aged 2 to 15.

Of course, your kids will be creating masterpieces as well. Artist of the Month classes run in six or seven week sessions and focus on the life and times of a famous artist. February’s Artist of the Month is Andy Warhol. He liked to work with everyday objects (remember his famous Campbell’s Soup screens?) to create silkscreens and ink blots. Therefore, expect your children to bring home their own silkscreens of everyday items as well. Classes run for one hour and cost $99 per session. Starting in January we’re studying Michelangelo and Horace Pippin and the session cost is $168 for 10 weeks of class.

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