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SavvyMom April 8, 2016

As the birds fly south, we nest (at least until retirement). Padding our pads with heart and hand warming décor, food and tradition, November is the month we prepare to face December.
We don’t normally need an incentive to spend during the ramp up to the holidays but we’ll take it, particularly when it comes in the form of tax breaks from the Feds. The Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) applies to home improvements ranging from perennials to a new furnace (note: save even more with an eco-improvement). And while it’s available until the end of February, we recommend getting your upgrades crossed off the list before Santa arrives.

Brandi and Kyle Rich of Rich Finishes Ltd. are a husband and wife renovation team specializing in finishing carpentry (although they can contract other trades as well). With budget and time restraints galore (only six weeks to Turkey day), the Riches confidently supplied us with a list of can-do upgrades.

In the $1000 range (minimum amount to qualify for the tax credit), they suggest focusing on bling (maybe just subtle “wow” factor) with new interior doors (replace and paint three in this category), a new kitchen countertop (material dependent of course) or 500 square feet of splashy new wall paint (that’s an average living room/dining room combo). Look up, way up to find a behind-the-scenes high impact upgrade. Reinsulating your attic will likely come in under $1500 and can be done in a few hours (and can result in a dramatic energy bill decrease).

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