Best in Show


If you couldn’t make it down to the Distillery District last weekend to peruse the wares at this year’s Children’s Trunk Show, have no fear. We made the trip on your behalf and have pulled together the best-of-the-best for your at-home shopping pleasure.
We love the Children’s Trunk Show because it provides an exclusive venue for creative parent entrepreneurs to showcase their clever and creative wares. It also provides a unique opportunity to find those distinctive products to make your life easier. So fire up your computer and browse through some of the items we chose as “best in show”.

Best Stocking Stuffer
Kathy & Kim Originals Water Bottles
Sure, monogrammed items are hot. But “muggagrammed” items are even hotter. Getting your child’s adorable likeness and name on their very own water bottle or hot chocolate mug is one of our favourite stocking stuffer ideas of the season. Choose from a huge list of hair styles and colours, accessories and skin tones to create the most personalized gift he or she is going to get this year. ($12 – $18)

Mitt-OnsBest Mitts for Big Kids
Ons Gear Mitt-Ons
Developed by a family in Ottawa (where it can get oh-so cold) Mitt-Ons are fantastic mittens that do more that you’d imagine. In regular mitten mode, they are comfortable, Thinsulate™ fleece-lined mitts with a soft thumb for wiping runny noses and a textured palm that helps kids grip. But a quick zip attaches a fleece sleeve that keeps snow out of the mitt and allows kids to play outside for longer. No icy slush inside the mitt makes for more fun playing in the snow. Right on. ($24.95)

January Baby SmittensBest Mitts for Little Kids
January Baby Smittens
As the mom to four children, Anna Redish quickly realized that little kids and old-fashioned mittens weren’t a great match. They could always wiggle out of them and getting their thumbs in the right place never quite worked. Her “Smittens” are so smart we were smitten with them right away. The unique design keeps the mittens from loosing their mate, prevents babies from wiggling out of them keeping all ten fingers together and extra cozy. ($15)


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