Which Way to the Beach


Welcome, Victorians, to our first issue of SavvyMom Today, Victoria edition. We have been spoiled with a glorious summer and fall. And now that the mornings are a little lighter and the afternoons a bit darker (sigh), winter creeps in and our natural inclination is to hibernate. But after a few days inside we begin to hanker for the beach—and lucky for us, we can still get there.
No need to go to Tofino, just slide on your Hunters and GORE-TEX, dress the kids in their rain gear, cover the stroller, and walk the beach. Play with the giant balls of kelp that have been washed ashore. Watch (in amazement) as the logs are tossed around like toothpicks. Feel the cold, fresh wind on your cheeks. Puddle stomp. Listen in awe to the roar of the waves and then escape to a great little neighborhood café for a warm drink and baked treat…all in an hour and a half, or before nap time!

Cordova Bay Beach
On a stormy day Cordova Bay is a great beach to go to—the waves can be huge and depending on the tide, there is still beach to walk on. You’ll find ample parking on Cordova Bay Road around McMorrans restaurant (where there is public access to the beach). If the tide is too high and the beach is inaccessible there is great viewing space on the steps before a concrete break wall or up on a small grass field.


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