Elemental Protection


Sure it’s below zero, but it’s a dry cold (yeah, right).
It is true though, that next to no humidity in the atmosphere makes frigid temperatures barely bearable. Unfortunately the cool, dry air also wreaks havoc on our skin, nails and hair.

We haven’t hit the negative numbers yet (during daylight hours anyway) but the dry air has descended and it’s time to look to alternative sources of moisture. This winter we’ll be protecting ourselves from the outside in by slathering our skin with protective creams, scrubs and balms from All Things Jill.

All Things Jill is a local business with products that are handmade by entrepreneurs Jill Hawker and husband Tim Blackhall right here in Calgary. With specific lines for babies, moms-to-be and even dads, All Things Jill has the entire family covered. Products consist of all-natural ingredients sourced worldwide and delivered by Canadian suppliers.


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