M Is for Coat


To buy a winter coat or not to buy a winter coat when pregnant: that is the question. Whether ‘tis smarter to buy something cheap in a large size to cover the belly (that you will never wear again)
Or to try to stuff yourself into your regular coat and freeze.
Or to take arms against all these bad options
And by opposing hope someone will come up with something better?

Leave it to a Canadian company to come up with the ultimate winter coat solution for expecting moms (one that even Shakespeare would approve of, we think). But what makes it savvy is that this coat is also perfect for a mom who has recently given birth or one who hopes to be expecting again soon and needs a new winter coat. Canadian Spirit Downwear, a well known manufacturer of premium down coats, has developed the M Coat, one great coat for all of mom’s winter coat dilemmas.

The M Coat in use while pregnantM is for Multi-Use
The three-in one convertible coat, with its unique additional zip-in panel, covers (literally and figuratively) mom’s every stage. For Maternity, the panel zips into the front of the jacket in an ‘A’ fashion to cover the baby bump, in the later months of pregnancy. The tie on the inside provides an additional size adjustment. For Mama, once baby arrives, the panel is reversed to a ‘V’ shape with the tie on the outside, providing a snug place for baby in a front carrier (facing in or out). Again, the tie provides additional adjustment to comfortably keep baby cozy. And for when the Myself stage finally returns (we promise it will), worn without the panel, the M Coat easily converts back into a regular fitting, stylish everyday winter coat, keeping you covered throughout the everyday busy mom life we all lead.


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