Giddy Up


Now that you’re a parent, it’s time to update your Stampede lingo:
Old definition: regrettable late night decision
New definition: small cowboy-inspired toy

Old definition: waiting outside Cowboys at midnight
New definition: waiting to ride the mini rollercoaster at 9 am

Yep. Stampede with kids is well, different.

We say, embrace the change and show your kids a little cowgirl spirit. Here are some tips to make the Stampede with kids eight and under a fun summer fave.

The Stampede Parade
The Stampede Parade is a great family event if you follow a few simple guidelines. First and foremost, get there early. If possible, send Dad at the break of dawn (literally) to secure a spot close to a bathroom with easy access out of downtown (use the route map to plan ahead). The closer you are to the start of the route, the earlier you can leave. Park your car at the closest C-Train station to your home and take public transit downtown.

The Grounds
A trip to the Stampede Grounds is an eye popping experience for first timers. Savvy veterans suggest skipping Kid’s Day (Wednesday July 8) in favour of Western Heritage Day (Tuesday July 7). There are far fewer children and thus shorter lines on the kiddy rides. However, the midway does open at 9 am on Kids’ Day as opposed to 11 am regularly so we’ll let you weigh the pros and cons on that one. In either case, go as early as you can, park on site if possible for an easy escape or choose to park at the 39th Avenue or Chinook LRT stations and take the train.


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