Dump It


Garbage took on a whole new meaning when changing diapers became common practice in our world (whether you made the decision to go cloth or not). With the strike showing no signs of imminent change, we really need to take control of the situation…it’s stinky, unsanitary and just plain ugly (and we’re not keen on rodents). Here are a few tips we put together to help manage the domestic waste and keep things safe and clean for your family.
Prevention Is the Best Medicine
Avoid buying foods (or anything really) that come with a lot of packaging. Local farmers’ markets are your best bet but supermarkets sell a lot of produce and meats sans packaging too. You’ll be surprised at how much money you save on groceries and how much more fresh food you end up with if you stay out of the centre aisles (where all the packaging can be found).

Keep the Dry Aside
Keep all of your non-perishable dry garbage in the garage, basement or storage area separate from the rest of your garbage for later pick up. If you choose to keep plastic containers and other recycables, be sure to rinse and clean everything thoroughly as mold may form and spread throughout the rest of your refuse.

Double Bag the Rest
Leftover food products should be double-bagged to reduce the smell. This step is important as rodents, such as rats and raccoons, will become a significant problem if the strike continues for a long period. Rotting meat scraps are the most likely to attract rats and create a genuine health hazard. Diaper moms—please take note of the above double bagging tip.


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