Happy Meals: Where to Take the Kids

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

To eat out or not to eat out; that is the question.Whether ‘tis nobler to eat take-out at home,
Providing your own service and
Cleaning your own mess or
Suffer the slings and arrows of embarrassment from dining with children in public?

Such is the dilemma of parenthood.

While take-out has its place, restaurant dining need not be stricken from the menu at birth. Kids of a certain age (say three and up) benefit from observing your impeccable manners (although it may take a few excursions) and you will benefit from a meal served on non-plastic plates by someone paid to do your bidding.

That said, we have a couple of new restaurant recommendations for family pizza night, date night, or girls’ night out.

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