Kids’ Cuisine

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

To eat out and avoid the mess, or to eat out and have your children humiliate you in a room full of strangers? That is the parenting dilemma of the day.
The key to eating out with children is to go early and be realistic about the destination. Think 11:30 am for lunch and 5:00 pm for dinner. That’s when you’ll get faster, better service. Next, choose your eatery with care. Even though you may love to order a glass of Burgundy and nosh on Cassoulet Grillé de Toulouse at Fleur de Sel on 4th Street, the ‘French Dog’ at Le Chien Chaud right next door may be a better option. So with that in mind, we found a few dog and pizza destinations that the kids are sure to love.

There is nothing wrong with Le Chien Chaud. In fact, there is a whole lot of ‘right’ when it comes to dining with your kids. Bar tables, self-serve condiments and a picture menu means no reading required. The hot dogs are served on fresh baguettes (yum) and come with a vast array of toppings, including Dijon mustard, sautéed mushrooms (in Herbes de Provence), and gruyere cheese. The dogs are large enough to fill an adult belly, and come in vegetarian, all-beef, pork/beef and locally-supplied buffalo and bratwurst varieties, as well as the standard wiener.

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