Teaching a child to love music is easy—it soothes them right from day one. But nurturing that natural instinct is up to you. The trick? Expose Jack and Jill to a range of brain developing melodies (especially while you still have control over their musical selections).
You can start by belting out at-home tunes since your children are likely to be the only people to fully appreciate that diva voice of yours. Then sign them up for early socialization opportunities in one of Calgary’s many music classes.

We admit there is a huge pool of classes to choose from for babies, toddlers and young school-age children but, if Do, Re, Mi has you singing in the rain, we highly recommend Sing Move Play. Sing Move Play is located in the central SW community of North Glenmore Park and is run by Debra Giebelhaus-Maloney, affectionately known as Ms. Debra by students (and parents).


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