Tailored Suits


“Models are airbrushed, models are airbrushed.”
If this is the mantra you recite to yourself in the swimwear fitting room, a change of venue may be in order. Fluorescent lights and air conditioning are not on the top ten make-me-look-sexy–in-this-suit list. Throw ill-fitting merchandise and a toddler tantrum into the mix, and bathing suit shopping ranks right up there with mixing your compost heap.

Save your mall shopping for shoes, handbags and make-up and buy your bathing suit made-to-order. Chelsea LaBossiere of CABA Fashions concocts swimwear extraordinaire from her home studio in the NE community of Tuxedo. LaBossiere purchased CABA Fashions from its previous owner in 2003 and relocated the studio from BC to Calgary.

LaBossiere is a master seamstress with years of design and production experience specifically related to swimwear and exercise clothing. Take a photo, take sample material or just take your ideas and LaBossiere will sew you a suit that doesn’t bind, crawl or sag. You can request a little lift here or a little tuck to customize your bathing suit and flatter your curves this summer.


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