Winter, Winter, Winter, Summer


There are four seasons here in Calgary: pre-winter, winter, post-winter and summer. Sometimes it’s tough to tell them apart. Plus nine and no snow in January is pretty common while our tulips endure at least one spring blizzard every May.
Hiding out indoors for the better part of the year is tough when your little energizer bunnies need to burn off energy. So, here are some ideas to help your family embrace the elements this winter:

In the ‘Hood
Go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. Look for twigs, dried berries and spruce cones. Get a bucket or a bundt pan and fill with water. Add your treasures, as well as food coloring and even craft drawer goodies like glitter. Stir and freeze. Turn containers over and remove ice. Play I Spy with your ice sculpture and then put it on your flower beds for an early spring watering.

At the Park
Take Elbow Drive to Riverdale Avenue (just south of Sifton Boulevard). Go west down one of the most beautiful streets in the entire city. At the end of the street you will find a parking lot. Get out and walk down the treed gravel paths (note: west of the asphalt bike path). Your first stop is the community Christmas tree. Then, find a gentle slope down to the river to throw beach rocks into the moving water. Visit the ducks that live there all year round. Make your way down the beach, up to the path and to the suspension bridge. Then work your way back to the parking lot. Good to know: this is an off-leash dog area.


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