Tredz Lightly


Winter’s not even half over and you’ve already been exposed to the bright colours of spring fashion collections. It’s tough to feel springy with such low temps outside, but we have some news about kid’s shoes that we’re running with today.
Listen up because you SavvyMoms are the first to hear that Robeez is moving into the toddler market. They’re not just for babies anymore, and they’re not just for indoors anymore either.

Robeez, one of the most inspirational Canadian mom entrepreneur success stories and everyone’s favourite soft-soled shoe for babies, is launching a collection of soft-soled shoes for toddlers that are designed to be worn outdoors, aptly named Tredz, on February 4.

Responding to the massive demand from their loyal customers to develop an outdoor shoe so moms didn’t have to make the choice between soft-sole shoes not really suitable for outdoor surfaces or firm-sole shoes not really that great for proper foot development, Tredz are designed with the best of everything we know and love about Robeez—the flexible sole which helps with healthy foot development, the stay-on elastic ankle which keeps socks and shoes on, and the adorable designs—but with the addition of flexible, non-slip, water-resistant TPR soles which makes them perfect for running, exploring and other outdoor adventuring.


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