Just Ditch It


First the anxiety. Finally you break down and begin to plan. Then the sorting begins, and then the purging…. Love it or hate it? Need it or not? Then you sort again. Soon all your old treasures are in a pile in the middle of the floor or even better, in boxes. Well done. Now what?
Then another wave of anxiety over where to send it all. Right?

Wrong. Our savvy list today is filled with services that take your treasures and recycle them, (you know, make sure someone else can reuse them instead of letting them go to waste or into the landfill). And the savviest part of all: most of them will come to your home and collect the stuff right from you.

We don’t want you to ditch the classics but you might need to make some room on your book shelf for some new literary faves. (And don’t let the rejects get dusty in the basement; that’s just another pile to purge one day.) Call University College (at the University of Toronto) and one of their volunteers will pick up your book stash to be sold in their annual fall sale. The proceeds go to that fine institute of higher learning (and your books have a new home rather than being sent to a landfill).


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