Breath of Life


The dog has diarrhea, the baby has colic, and the toddler is in a food-throwing phase. Your car battery died yesterday, you’ve got deadlines at work and your beloved is leaving for a business trip tomorrow.
You could tear your hair out, flee the country, punch said beloved in the nose, or just sit down and cry. But wait—we have a better idea: yoga.

Most people know yoga is great for stretching and strengthening muscles and improving balance. And many yoga poses are designed to stretch and open up your shoulder, neck and upper back muscles—areas that may be stressed or tight from carrying a child or nursing an infant.

But those who teach and practice yoga say the mental health benefits are even more rewarding. Yoga is a great stress-reducer and source of relaxation. It can make you feel more calm and energetic, and motivate you to eat well and take better care of your body.

As you are no doubt coming to understand, motherhood is not a sprint—it’s a marathon. Finding some time to nurture your own health and well-being can lead to a more balanced approach to life in general, not to mention a more patient and cheerful mommy for your kids.

If you live near the Byward Market, try the Upward Dog Yoga Centre, where you’ll find a wide variety of classes, including hatha, power, kundalini and yanumoga yoga, as well as prenatal and postnatal classes.


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