To Your Health


Sure, moms are good at making time for themselves. After they’ve bathed/fed/entertained/tidied/hugged/nagged everyone else, that is. Um…get themselves to the gym three times a week? For many moms, it just never works out (so neither does she).
Here, then, are some suggestions for women who want to get healthy but can’t seem to peel the kids off their hip long enough to do so. All activities are baby or toddler-friendly, so bring them along!

Runners and Booties
Runners & Booties Fitness offers get-moving programs that are great for moms who aren’t in the market for a traditional aerobics or circuit class. From their FREE weekly Shop ‘n’ Stroll power walking/body toning classes, which take place in various Greater Vancouver shopping malls, to the Salsa Babies classes that will have you shinnying your hips, swinging your infant partner and dreaming of Spain, there is something here to tempt you. There’s even a Salsa Tots class for those toddlers and preschoolers who can’t get enough of those Latin tunes.


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