Chocolate Goodness

As much as we love spring, it does come with a pesky little reminder that bathing suit season is fast approaching. But we’re women and we have our cravings (aka chocolate) that can’t be ignored. Fortunately we’ve learned recently that it’s entirely possible to enjoy good taste and nutrition while satisfying our cravings, thanks to Silk® Chocolate Soy Beverage.
For the ultimate chocolate fix, choose Silk Chocolate Soy Beverage for a rich, smooth taste, fewer calories than many other chocolate treats, five grams of natural soy protein per 250 mL serving and 15 essential vitamins and calcium per 250 mL serving. It’s a simple indulgent snack that can easily be incorporated into daily life for you and your family. Think: after school, a midday treat for mom, dessert for the family or a post-workout reward. You can even use it in some of these delicious and nutritious recipes.

Because cravings can’t be put on hold for bathing suit season.

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